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Week 10 Part 2: Developing an ENewsletter (Blog Post Commented on)

 This week I commented on the blogs of Clare Dovenbarger " Clare's Digital Marketing Agency*" ,  Dan England " Cross Rocket Marketing*",   Sue Godwin " Unconditional Love Cat and Dog Shelter."  
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Week 10 Part A: Researching Email Marketing

 This week is an interesting one because it is about Email Newsletters which is something that I have never personally utilized. I have received newsletters numbers of times and subscription lists from stores and organizations etc. It's true that some business send these emails quite often or after purchases, I personally think that can be a little too often. For me as an influencer and a YouTuber I think that once a month would be fine because I use instagram and YouTube to reach people everyday to every week. I think often emails could possibly be a bit of over exposure for my branding, but it's possible it could also help! I would have to test the email system out to see what my analytics would show. I'm not totally sure how well emails would work for my audience age group (13-26) social media may be more popular for engagement. I receive newsletters really often from stores so I think those are top ways that clothing stores etc. really utilize. For me I think my busines

Week 9 Part B: Using Categories

The categories I would use for the current and future blogs and vlogs etc. would be under the categories of K fashion and Kpop so fashion, music & entertainment. These categories are the most relevant to what I currently interact with and engage in on Instagram and YouTube. I think most of my audience would be best to engage if I focused on this area of social media. I researched that these are some of the top categories on YouTube as well. So I plan to add more vlogs about fashion and I will continue Kpop music reactions as well since I have received a decent amount of audience engagement with some of the previous posts. I really want to grow in the fashion area as well which is tough since there are so many influencers, I am in the K fashion area so it is a smaller audience than fashion in general. I’m looking forward to targeting the k fashion and Kpop audience for future vlogs, blogs, and possible webinars or live videos as well. This week, I commented on Sue’s blog ( Unconditi

Wk 9X - Adding Google Analytics - Extra Credit

        Wk 9X - Adding Google Analytics - Extra Credit Just opened a Google Analytics account!

Week 9 Part A: Blogs, Vlogs, Podcasts & Webinars

 This week is about the importance and reasons for blogging. For me this class was the first time I started using a blog and I think it's pretty cool. I had read blogs on reddit and other internet blog type sources and I even read some kpop articles over blog sites, but never actually started my own. I think blogs are great to bring the thoughts of yourself and others together in detailed ways.  Blogs are great for businesses as well because they provide rather direct ways to recieve reactions and reviews from customers and their thoughts on products and customer service. Feedback is really important to gain information about how well your business is doing and what can be improved on. I have seen blogs for restaurants as well as for even Google itself. Blogs can also help other potential customers become interested in patronizing your business or not. Also blog pages can also help consumers receive help and assistance online. Blogs can also have links for webpages, social media pl

Week 8 Part B: Your Instagram Hashtag Use

  During this week I posted 3 new posts on my Instagram page. The three photos are showing a kpop inspired outfit that I put together.  The hashtags that I chose to use include...”#kstyle, #kfashion, #kpopstyle, #kpopfashion, #kpoppage and my page #moskpoppage. I tried not to overload my caption with hashtags because I researched that hashtag overuse can look a bit spam like. So I chose to use the most relevant, I also added a more select hashtag of #blackkpopfan. I found these hashtags by researching some k style Instagram pages like YesStyle and some other native Korean clothing brand pages.  I posted 2 post on one day one in the early afternoon and one in the evening. The evening one was able to get more likes right away.  The last photo I posted was on March 25 around 10am and it’s doing pretty well reaching my followers based off likes.  I think it’s great to keep track of these analytics when trying to build an Instagram page. The Instagram analytic information is important to me

Week 8 Part A: How to Expand Your Reach on Instagram by Using Hashtags

 This week is about researching reach and visuals through social media and business. For my business as a Kpop social media influencer visuals are a must. I am also the face of my business and I advertise for stores and brands so good visual post and content are very important to reach and connect with others.  The four businesses I am going to look at that are in my general area of business are: 1. YesStyle 2. Innisfree (USA) 3. K-Place 4. Kpop Station YesStyle First, YesStyle is a worldwide K-Beauty & Fashion and Instagram is definitely an effective platform it appears for the clothing shop. I believe they only sell online and they have an interesting instagram media strategy because they do not always use hashtags on their posts. On some of their post they hashtag things like, “ #YesStyle, #YesStyler, #ootd, #koreanfashion, and #kbeauty.” YesStyle often switches up the hashtags as well.  YesStyle has 1.3 million followers on Instagram and it looks like they post 3-5 times a day